Marbella apartments

Today I would like to discuss another offer with you – marbella apartments for sale by owner.

First apartment: Apartment 3 + kk 74 m2

Price of the apartment: thirteen thousand euros

Apartment size: seventy-four square meters

Number of rooms in the apartment: 2

The first apartment is an apartment that is really elegant and classy, ​​although it is not one of the most spacious, it does not matter at all.

sunrise marbella

When we enter the apartment, we can be the first to see the first spacious room, which is the living room. The living room has a really big spacious sofa, which is gray and is really made of a pleasant material. There are gray and beige pillows on it. There is a small beige carpet behind the seat. Above the sofa hang decorative pictures that actually merge into one – making pieces of pictures that are joined into one. In front of the seat is a smaller elegant wooden coffee table in a really light beige color. The living room is also connected to the kitchen – so the apartment is even more interesting. The kitchen is equipped with modern wooden furniture.

home interior

Opposite the kitchen is a large spacious wooden table – and around it four beige-white chairs made of comfortable material. There is another picture hanging above the table, which is smaller and resembles the first picture – it is so abstract. There are two lights on the ceiling that emit yellow light. There is also a balcony from which we can see a view of the surrounding area. Another room is the bedroom, which is also very spacious. The bedroom has a large double bed, next to it a cradle (for a baby) and three large wardrobes that are white. There are brown sheets on the bed. The whole apartment is furnished very minimalistically and elegantly. I think that if you buy this apartment and invest in it, you will definitely never regret it.